Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jen's birth of MacKenzie LeLynn-October 30, 2001

So my pregnancy and delivery weren't to bad really... I mean, I found out I was pregnant... and instead of getting morning sickness... I got it in the evening... which was fine with me... cause then I would just go to bed and sleep it off. I had a couple issues... but I won't get into that... besides Becky you may already know. Anyways... birth day was upon me... I woke up monday morning after a long weekend of halloween partys feeling super exhausted and just not feeling right. I called into work, then called my sister Kris. She kept telling me I was in labor... but I didn't believe it cause I wasn't having any contractions or anything... until about 3 hours into our conversation. They really weren't to bad and I thought I can handle this... I will stay home until it gets really bad... as the afternoon went on and the pain got worse, I had heard that hot showers would help to relax me. So that's what I did... lots of showers. By the time 3pm rolled around I was pretty much miserable... but decided to wait until my mom got off of work. She got off round 6-6:30pm. She called when she got home and I said I thought it was time to go to the hospital and that I was pretty sure I was in labor. She panicked...and out the door we raced! I don't remember much about the hospital.. I was scared... I was in pain! I was having front labor and back labor and couldn't do ANYTHING to get halfway comfortable. The nurses had me in all kinds of positions, rubbing my back, etc. Finally, I said... I want drugs now... I have no recollection what it was called... but do remember how it made me feel... I HATED IT! As soon as it was given to me... for a few split seconds there... I felt like I was melting... like I was going to fall onto the floor. And instead of it easing the pain... and making me relax... the pain was way more intense. I thought I was going to loose my mind. I was on the verge of tears... everyone was saying what a good job I was doing, and I wanted to punch them. I said I want an epidural... and I want it now... so off the nurse goes to talk to my doctor to see if I was far enough along. I was!!! The man came in... gave me my epidural and said he would be back in 5 minutes to make sure it took... in those 5 minutes... I thought about how bad this epidural sucked because it isn't taking any of the pain away. He was back in 5 and asked how I felt, I said I hurt... he's said I didn't think it took... we are going to have to do it again... UUUGGHHH!! So another epidural.... and minutes later... I was sleeping, lol!! The next morning around 6am my doctor came in and said "IT'S TIME TO HAVE A BABY!" I was like OMG, I said I can't feel anything... she says... you can't feel that? (pointing to the monitor, showing the intense contraction) I said I can feel NOTHING... I said how am I going to know when to push... and how am I going to know where I'm pushing from ( I had heard horror stories about giving birth) She told me when to push... and I did what I could and at 6:45am October 30, 2001 I had my baby girl MacKenzie LeLynn Noppe 6lbs 10oz. They laid her on me right after delivery and had me feed her. After the epidural it was smooth sailing... lol!!! I recommend it highly... no pain is an awesome thing. She was an easy baby.... always content..." 

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  1. Luckily Jen, our bodies can push a baby out without us mindfully pushing. It probably takes a little longer, but it has been done and some women actually prefer not to push (not many I'm guessing). Your body knew what to do to get your baby girl out!