Thursday, May 5, 2011

McKenna's Birth Story: 8-8-8

Birth of McKenna (2008):
As scary as McKenzie's birth was, McKenna's was the complete opposite! Scott was deployed the whole time I was pregnant, so I came back to IL to stay with my parents. I was put on weekly progesterone shots to help avoid pre-term labor again, and had no complications at all! Since I stalled during my first labor and would likely need pitocin to jumpstart my labor this time, my OB didn't feel comfortable trying a VBAC, and we went ahead and scheduled a repeat c-section. Scott was still in Afghanistan, so my mom was in the delivery room with me and got to cut McKenna's cord and stay with her the whole time. The delivery was so amazing compared to the last one, and McKenna was delivered at 40 weeks 2 days (8-8-8!) weighing a healthy 8lbs. She was able to stay in the room with me and come home the same day I did-- I couldn't have asked for more! :-) To top it all off, Scott came home from his deployment 2 weeks later and got to meet his new baby. 

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  1. I like her birthday! I'm glad you felt you had a better experience the second time around. Just because its the same momma doesn't mean it will be the same experience throughout pregnancy and L&D. After all every baby is definitely different! :)