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Robin's Birth Story-April 21, 1988 (1month and 1day overdue)

Robin's birth
Part III: Robin’s birth

In August of 1987 I learned I was expecting our third child. This one was due in March, and the pregnancy was very different from the first two. I could only eat a few bites of something and would feel full. I craved chocolate like crazy! I often had aqueasy stomach, almost like a flu bug, and I was really tired all the time. In late February 1988 the doctor ordered a sonogram because he wasn’t positive of my due date. Results came back that he believed I was due around March 20th. Yet March came and went with no indication of labor. Baby was still moving very well, and nothing seemed wrong.

Here’s the funny part about this birth. I think it was April 19th, and I had a check up. The doc told me that baby was right there, everything was ready, and he thought that because of his “exam” that I would probably start labor that evening. So he told me to eat very lightly that evening, and that if I hadn’t gone into labor by morning to come in for another exam. I drove home, and that day I ate a bit of buttered toast and some tea, and nothing else.
April 20th, early morning, and no labor pains! Soooo, off to the doc I go again. He checks me and tells me to eat lightly , because again, he is nearly positive I’ll go into labor that evening. I drove home, and again ate lightly of just a bit of buttered toast and tea. Next morning, STILL no baby!

April 21st, early Wednesday afternoon, again I’ve driven to the doc’s for a checkup. Third day of “eating lightly” and I am ravenous! Again, doc checks me, and this time he tells me he is getting ready to go on vacation that Friday for two weeks. He wants me to have this baby before he leaves, and everything is ready and ripe for that to happen. He informed me he wanted to break, or rupture, my bag of waters, as he thinks that will do the trick. I consent, and he does it and sends me home. He figures I’ll be back in that evening.

I didn’t even make it 10 minutes away from the doctor’s office and had my first contraction and it was HARD! With 15 more minutes to drive home, I figured I’d have plenty of time allowing my husband to get home from work.

IN that 15 minutes I had three more contractions! While I was driving! Once home I called the dispatched and told them to send my husband home. I went upstairs to change my clothes and had contraction on the stairs! Had a couple while changing, and another on the way down! This was too close for my comfort. They were now barely 4 minutes apart, and strong. I called dispatcher again, and a few minutes later the back door opened. IN walked my husband’s boss, bless his heart, and at the sight of help I broke down and cried! Well he walked me out and by that time my husband was there. Contractions came hard and fast all the way to hospital, and we really seriously thought I was going to have that baby in the cab of the little Ford Ranger! At the hospital they checked me and put me on a table and immediately started for delivery. I panicked a bit because of the severe intensity of the contractions, and my breathing became too rapid. My fingers go stiff and started to curl like claws! IT WAS THE WIERDEST THING! All I could think of was that I would never be able to hold my baby with claws like that! Then the nurse leaned down and said “breathe slowly and deeply, honey, you are hyperventilating”. When I started breathing slower and deeper my hands relaxed and became my own again.

She was born at 4:20 p.m., barely three hours from first pain to delivery! When she slid out the doctor worked frantically to twist her around and around, as the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck a couple of times, probably because her arrival was sped up by breaking my water. She weighed 7 pd 10 oz, and again, God blessed me with a perfect little girl.

I am flabbergasted that there are so many options for birthing now…. Drug options for less pain…. C-sections are becoming much more common …. Induction dates for convenience. If I had to do it all over again, I’d make sure I did my research first. I’d ask a lot of questions before I let anyone tell me how I was going to deliver my child. I’d skip the enema! Who needs it! I’m of noble Native American heritage and I am proud that my mighty ancestors could birth a baby in the morning and cook the corn cakes for dinner! I am a woman… a gentle warrior … a compassionate rock of strength!

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  1. 1 month overdue! I love that he wasn't worried, and just let you carry on.