Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kaiden's birth- September 1, 2009 (Told by his momma!)

I was due on Aug 24.  On Aug 26, I went in and talked about being induced.  I had a stress test scheduled for Aug 31.  I went in at 9 am looking crazy and had two different colored flip flops (thanks to my big belly I couldn't see what I put on).  I got to the hospital and laid in bed being monitored for 30 mins.  They said kaiden and me were great and that we could go, but before leaving I had to have my ultrasound done.  As I laid on the table with nasty jelly on me she excused herself from the room.  When she returned she asked me to go back down to labor and delivery and told me I would be delivering today.  Thankfully I had my bag already in the car so I wasn't too stressed at this time.  I had several thoughts running through my mind as I walked down the stairs down the long hall back to labor and delivery.  I called my mom, then my sisters by the time melinda got to the hospital I was already having pitocin pumped through me so I got my calls out of the way.  My second thought was, what's wrong, I was so excited to meet my lil man that I didn't even bother to find out why I would be delivering today.  I asked and they say there was barely any fluid around kaiden.  I asked the normal questions.  Is he ok?  Should I be worried?  They said he was fine, so from 9 am to 10 pm I'm having pitocin pumped through me and only dilated to a 1 at 10 pm.  They stop it so I can eat and drink and rest at 9 am Sept 1 they break my water and contractions come by 1 pm.  Im screaming for epidural and where's my damn Dr get this baby out of me :)  I turned into the devil.  I get my epidural only to be dilated to a 2 by 10pm at night.  I start to shiver and realize I'm running a fever of 104.  The nurse keeps checking in and says by 1030 if I'm not dilated to a 10 we r throwing in the towel (fine with me).  1030 comes and still at a 6.  C section here we come.  I get ready as does my mom and by 11:45 pm kaiden is born 8 lbs 12 oz.  Before kaiden being born as I lay on the table being cut open I yelled, cried, shake so much I pass out cause I honestly felt the pain of being cut.  When they realize I could feel it they give me more meds.   I was up seeing a lady standing over me and feel so much pressure I wanted to scream.  The lady was pulling my stomach back to pull kaiden out.  I hear him cry.  I was so tired and out of it, drugged up to the max.  They ask if I want to see him and I say no.  I then pass back out and wake up in recovery room being poked pushed and prodded on in so much pain.  I bawled and was so dehydrated.  I lay there for an hour and half.  I finally get to go into my room where my family is.  I get to see my son as well, but feel nothing.  I try breastfeeding but was to tired so the nurse bottle feeds him.  I have them take him into the nursery as I sleep.  I get checked on quite a bit through the night.  The nurse finds my blood pressure to be a worry, it was 46/53 I lost lots of blood during my surgery and needed a blood transfusion.  I later find out kaiden was born with a temp of 103 and I had one of 104 due to being without water for so long, and well the rest is history.  We are great today and he's turning 2 Sep 1.

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  1. I can relate to you Londi about the "devil" lady you turned into. haha I think I also cursed at a few people.